Gangrene can be Treated without Surgery


Gangrene can be Treated without Surgery

FAQ on Gangrene and its Treatment

What is Gangrene?
The word gangrene means that due to clot formation in an artery or a vein, the blood supply to the affected part is either restricted or completely blocked. This stoppage of blood supply causes a blue appearance to the affected area initially, which is generally regarded as dead area.

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How is Gangrene formed?
Gangrene may begin from extrinsic factors or intrinsic factors. Extrinsic factors may be accident, injury, or exposure to extremely low temperatures, which leads to formation of abnormal clotting. However, not everyone may develop gangrene after such occurances. For the condition to become gangrenous, there would be an internal tendency within the genetic coding of the person to trigger it. Likewise, internal condition too (for instance, unhealthy foods, stress, etc as described elsewhere in this FAQ) can trigger the person towards ill-health leading to gangrene condition.

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What is the commonly prevalent treatment for Gangrene?
In the modern system of medicine, amputation is the only option/treatment available for such a condition, which renders a person handicapped. Primarily, amputation is done as a measure to prevent the disease condition from escalating further and causing other complications, which could be life threatening. Most people suffering from this condition have to lose their limb(s) following amputation. Antibiotics are administered to deal with infections but antibiotics do not prevent further spread.

It would be pertinent to mention that many such handicapped persons could still not be saved from further onslaught of gangrene. Sooner or later they had to undergo further amputation(s), if not at the same place, perhaps somewhere else in the body. This is because, by amputation just the affected parts are removed, whereas, due to current limitations of modern medicine, the root cause that gives rise to this condition is not addressed or treated.

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Gangrene is said to progress in noticeable stages? How can one identify these stages?
In the initial stage, the affected part turns blue and cold, accompanied with the sensation of pain. Often, medically, in this initial stage itself, it is pronounced as dead. In our view, it is premature to declare the gangrenous part as dead in this stage, because the death of an affected part would be characterized by certain signs and symptoms such as, loss of sensation of pain, loss of pulsation of theblood vessels, and necrosis (destruction) of the affected cells and tissues, emanating cadaverous odour (offensive rotting smell). Since these are not present at this stage, it would not be justified to call it as dead.

Further, although gangrenous condition has set in, since this affected part is not dead as yet in the real medical sense, therefore, in this early stage, it can still be revived by restoring the normal blood supply, before it actually dies. So a timely action at this stage can not only save the cells from dying, but also arrest further escalation, thus bringing those tissues back into normal healthy condition.

In the advanced stage, a state of total necrosis sets in, due to which the cells and tissues start getting so damaged and putrefied that they emanate a cadaverous smell, and there is complete loss of sensation of pain, and the affected/dead part not only turns black (as if burnt) but temperature-wise feels cold (compared to the rest of the body which would feel warm). This is the state when the affected part is actually dead. The dead part is conducive growing ground for virus and bacteria, which settle here, thrive and grow. Not only that, they begin to invade the adjacent healthy tissues, destroy them, and simultaneously infiltrate into the blood stream causing damage to the blood cells, hence leading to a fatal condition called Septicemia. No doubt this dead part does need to be removed/detached. In homoeopathic process, it is preferably to allow this to happen through bodyís natural processes, not necessarily by surgical means.

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Is there any treatment modality for Gangrene other than Surgery/amputation?
Yes, homoeopathic treatment is one such system, which provides relief without surgery. The remedies are holistic, gentle, judicious, and natural in action. A Homoeopathic remedy brings about natural harmony in the body by stimulating the vital forces and thus rendering the physical bodyís resources powerful enough, to maintain/ repair/heal itself by removing the causes and their effects, notwithstanding how small or remote these may be.

Homoeopathy offers a non-invasive, non-surgical (no amputation is involved), non-injurious, non-violent treatment, with no side or after effects. As already said these natural remedies help encourage the bodyís natural tendency to heal itself by removing the abnormal tendencies, their causes and effects, which are responsible for various ailments in the body.

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What is the basis of Homoeopathy?
Homoeopathy is based upon natural principles such as, no two patients can be treated with the same medicine because of the simple universal law that, no two persons have ever been, are, or would ever be the same as far as their individuality is concerned. Even twins born out of same parents differ from each other as individuals, since they differ from each other intellectually and temperamentally, if not in physical outlook.

Actually, each individual is unique in his or her constitution, temperament, intellect, personality, and personal developmental history, inherited diseases etc. Therefore, it becomes absolutely necessary that the Homoeopathic prescription has to be tailor-made only for each person. This is only possible through direct interaction of the patient with the treating physician, in person, on one-to-one basis, for selecting the correct medicine to get the desired results.

As already said, disease is only the end result condition triggered out of stimulation of disease code in the genes. It would be quite wrong to gather that Homoeopathic medicines would change the genetic code. One must understand that they do not change the genes or the genetic code, but only removes the effects of causative factors on the genes, and hence thereby the end result i.e. diseased condition is removed.

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Please explain this in simpler terms
For example, if one were to press any key on the piano, depending on the key, it may emit a harmonious sound or a shrill irritating sound. If an irritating sound has been produced and it continues to be produced, it may lead from irritation to further annoyance and even anger. Pressing the key is the cause, and annoyance and anger are the effects. If we remove the pressure (trigger) from the key, the sound will stop. The piano is like the human body and its keys are like the different genetic codes present within, passed through generations. However, it does not mean when the trigger-pressure is reduced or removed, the key has vanished from the piano, but as that key is not being pressed (no cause), that annoying sound is not being heard (no effect).

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How does Homoeopathy work on the Gangrene?
Actually, what we see as gangrene (or any other ailment) is not a disease by itself but the end-result of the effect of certain causes created due to abnormal inputs in the body. The universe is based on the immutable law of cause and effect. The human body and homoeopathic treatment follow the same natural law.

The moment the cause is tackled with say, Homoeopathic treatment - not only does the disease condition improve, i.e. the dissolution of the clot which may have formed anywhere in the body, but at the same time, as already said, the blood parameters too attain a natural balance automatically, thereby bringing about a healthy state mentally as well as physically. We should not forget that seat of disease is primarily in the mind, and to reframe an old adage, a healthy mind keeps a healthy body.

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Modern medicine tries to find common grounds for treatment over large sample of population. Yet you said every person is unique and should be treated as such. How is Homoeopathy different?
The line of treatment is adopted strictly on Homoeopathic principles, i.e. by going through the patientís history (personal history, current family history, generational history, etc.). It is quite important to note that the treatment depends upon the personís own temperament, natural healing power, genetic code of diseases, hereditary diseases and tendencies, constitution, environment, diet, and allied conditions which may be the causative, contributory, as well as the maintaining factors for a personís health condition. A patient presenting his case with no other accompanying chronic conditions, may respond better and may show a faster rate of healing compared to the one who has other interfering conditions, for instance, diabetes, or other chronic diseases.

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What is the difference in treatment by Surgery & treatment by Homeopathy?
Under the natural process, the body, through its collective intelligence and judicious selection, detaches only the dead or destroyed tissues on its own. Thus the healthy tissues, as well as the limbs, are saved.

On the other hand, by surgically removing the affected part, many healthy tissues and cells also get damaged or removed, because the external human intervention can never be as judicious and precise or perfect in carrying out excision as compared to the natureís own process. As such humans cannot compete with nature, which is so complete and perfect in itself. Thus in an attempt to amputate the affected part surgically, big chunk of adjacent healthy tissue also gets excised/removed resulting into more damages and losses alongwith shock to the physical body. Therefore, it would always be highly preferable to avoid amputation by surgery. One should let such detachment or withering away of the affected part take place through the natural process by body itself. This has been possible with the help of Homoeopathic remedies.

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How is natural treatment by Homoeopathy better?
We cannot close our eyes to the universal truth that, the physical body itself is a natural supercomputer having unique qualities, such as:-

1. Collective Intelligence - Each cell of the physical body has its own individual intelligence, and the body as a whole is the sum total of all the cells, hence the sum total intelligence of all these cells altogether is termed as collective intelligence through which the body itself differentiates between healthy and unhealthy, live or dead cells. Therefore following this natural quality, the body keeps on differentiating, selecting and detaching unwanted cells/tissues and keeps on replacing them with new ones by generating new cells throughout the lifetime of a person. It is a continuous process in the human system.

After the said selection the physical body tries to detach the dead cells/ tissues from itself, thus making all out efforts to get rid of them through different natural processes, in its earnest attempt to bring about a healthy state within itself. Since, through the collective intelligence the physical body becomes aware that the affected part does not belong to it anymore and it is a burden on the resources and economy of the body, therefore it understands that there is no use to keep it intact, lest it proves harmful and injurious to other healthy cells and even the body as a whole.

2. Power of Healing - The power of healing by itself is another unique quality of the physical body to keep itself in a healthy condition. This too occurs through its collective intelligence. In order to keep the cells/tissues in a healthy state it has to use its own inner energies. Good healing results are obtained when this applied energy overcomes the prevailing condition.

It cannot be ignored that the body always continues to remove dead cells and replace them with new ones by its natural tendency of regeneration, under the simple law of nature, that weak and old ones get perished and replaced by new ones, which are young and strong. Thus following such natural system, which is very precise, perfect, and judicious, without causing any damage to the adjacent healthy cells or tissues, removal of rejected cells takes place. Following natural removal of dead tissues, a natural and perfect repairing/healing process occurs.

Therefore, with the aid of homoeopathic remedies, the physical body is encouraged to invest its optimum inert energy to either heal/repair or detach and generate new healthy cells through its own defensive and generative mechanism. Consequently, during the course of the treatment, the old and degenerated/dead cells are detached, removed and replaced by these newly generated ones thereby forming new and healthy tissues.

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What does non-surgical treatment of the Gangrene condition involve?
Logically, the treatment of this condition should deal with ó

1. Dissolution of the clots that block the artery or vein in a natural manner thereby restoring free flow of blood fulfilling the basic requirements of the tissues and muscles.

2. Maintaining of the blood parameters (i.e. prothrombin time, platelet count, and clotting time, etc.) by encouraging its natural balanced state, such as maintaining the viscosity of the blood etc. etc. to the natural normal level, without the use of any chemicals like blood thinners or whatever.

As a matter of fact, the blood is a carrier of oxygen, nutrients, and glucose etc. to the cells of the tissues, and due to this blockage condition in the arteries, the supply to the cells gets blocked. When these cells/ tissues do not receive the required oxygen, nutrients, and glucose etc, (which are the very basis of life for the cells), the cells /tissues initially become slow and sluggish in their functions, but gradually start dying of starvation, finally leading to actual death of the affected tissue.

3. Removal of the tendency towards abnormal clot formation (Thrombosis), a tendency which is part of the inherited genetic code. There are many contributory factors such as effects of anxiety, anger, bad news, disappointment, vexation, fright or fear, grief, sorrow, jealousy, greed, pride, nostalgia, shame, mortification, reserve displeasure, mental stress, depression, negative attitude, excessive indulgence into anything-- such as of sex/work/eating/drinking (addictive behaviours), mental shock, suppression of emotions, speech and action, etc. which disturb the harmony of the body and thus become responsible to trigger the inherited abnormal tendencies in the genes leading to various ailments or diseases. The changes may not happen overnight but continued indulgence and effects begins the illness process and maintains it. These effects may not only bring about a condition of abnormal clotting causing partial or complete blockages, but may also affect the normal flow of blood, and thereby bring on the initial stage of gangrene. Also, the above given causes and their effects give rise to different abnormal conditions leading to various other chronic disorders in the body. All these can be very well treated by Homoeopathy.

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Has any one actually benefitted from Homeopathic treatment?
In the long span of Homoeopathic medical practice, many persons have been benefited, and are leading healthy lives without any re-occurrence of gangrenous conditions. It would be quite important to mention here once again, that the recovery always depends upon the state and condition of general health, and the condition of the affected part.

In general, it has been observed that people turn to Homoeopathy only when they have exhausted all options, and lost all hope, and try this mode of treatment as a last resort only. By the time a patient decides and reaches for this treatment the condition attains such a far advanced stage that the affected part is completely necrosed and dead with septicaemic conditions setting in. It has been experienced over the years of practice that even in such cases, homoeopathic treatment brings about positive and encouraging results.

It has also been experienced in some advanced cases that during the course of treatment, the dead part gets detached from the healthy tissue, perfectly, painlessly, and very naturally without the use of the knife. Since, well chosen Homoeopathic remedies encourage the powers of the body capable enough to select and heal/detach the dead tissue, bringing about recovery by natural healing.

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Thus, one may conclude that surgical intervention (amputation) can be avoided completely to a great extent and the fear of losing a big chunk of the limb or reoccurrence of gangrene can be allayed. Since Homoeopathic medicines have the power to correct the unnatural tendency towards clot formation, its effects etc. so that gangrene may not recur.

Some testimonials from persons who benefited are presented here. They speak for themselves about the efficacy and success of this treatment.

Homoeopathy deals with dissolution of the clots in gangrene. Can it also deal with clot formation elsewhere in the body, for instance, in blood vessels like arteries?
Since homeopathy addresses diseases at a causative level, and it has the potential to deal with the tendency to clot formation leading to gangrenous condition, therefore, it would be quite logical to say that similar tendencies/conditions which may lead to blockages elsewhere in the body involving other vital organs like thrombosis/ ischemic condition in arteries/veins of heart, brain, eyes, etc. can also be very positively treated with Homoeopathic medicines.

It would not be out of place to mention here that, this treatment is certainly helpful to even those persons, who have already been subjected to amputation earlier, so as to prevent recurrence of gangrene since they still carry the root cause i.e. tendency to abnormal clotting causing gangrene.

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Gangrene is a common occurence in people with diabetes. Are there any special precautions for Diabetics who have developed Gangrene.
The incidence of Gangrene is quite common complication in diabetics, especially in the lower extremities and is termed as Diabetic foot.

In the case of diabetics, the blood sugar levels are to be strictly maintained by the patient himself since uncontrolled blood sugar levels would hinder the healing process, thereby aggravating the situation, which may lead into crisis or complications necessitating surgical intervention. Therefore, it is mandatory for a diabetic patient to keep his blood sugar levels strictly under proper controls by using either oral hypoglycemics, insulin, or both, under the proper guidance of a diabetologist. As it is, for diabetics there are too many dos and doníts to be observed in order to maintain a healthy condition. Therefore, as a caution, it is too important for a diabetic to keep his sugar levels well controlled. In case, the blood sugar levels remain uncontrolled, then in such cases, Homoeopathy may have nothing significant to offer.

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Since homeopathy addresses diseases at a causative level, and it is able to deal with the tendency that leads to clots formation leading to gangrenous condition, it is logical to think that similar tendencies that lead to blockages dealing with other vital organs such as, thrombosis in arteries/veins of heart, brain, eyes, etc. can also be dealt with Homoeopathy.

This treatment is positively helpful to such persons who have already been subjected to amputation earlier, so as to prevent recurrence of gangrene.

About Dr. Kumar, R
He is a qualified homoeopathic physician, practicing since last more than 30 years. He has not only successfully treated gangrene cases and its allied conditions, but also treated various other chronic diseases through Homoeopathic remedies, including even those who lose hope about their treatment.